Wk 9 — Art Activity — Student Choice, Part 2

  1. What was your original vision? My orignial vision was to showcase what introduced me into investing but I overall kind of thought of just showing where I plan to go and take my knowledge.
  2. How did your project differ from the original vision? My project wasn't that much different in terms of vision, the only thing that would have been different is the visual but it would still have represented the same goal.
  3. Do you think your project is a success? Why or why not? I do believe my project was a success because the goal was just to have something shot rather than achieve absolute perfection, which overall is my weakness.
  4. Do you think your project got weaker due to compromises you had to make to complete it? Or stronger due to improvements as you executed the work and found new ideas? Or both? Please describe!

I can say that overall due to me having to compromise to certain limitations and restrictions my video quality isn’t how I completely want it but understanding this being my first reel shot for my own online investing course it kind of is something to be happy about.

  1. What ideas, concepts, or artistic abilities were you trying to explore in this project? Did you achieve your goals? Do you think your piece communicates what you wanted it to? The thing I wanted to try and explore and capture in my video is the essence of freedom along with investing being incorporated in my life which allows for me to live on my own terms.
  2. What would you do differently if you did this project again? The only thing I would do differently is spice my visual up a bit more and try new things probably to make it look exceptional.

if not me than who ?