Wk 5 — Art Activity — Photo I — Documenting Place

I usually start my day off eating with some friends at a nice resturant
Hikes are what I usually go on before afternoon hits to balance my life between nature and technology
I like always playing with my friends dog when I get to his house after we shower from the hike
Then I would usually go riding my motorcycle with some friends to get out the house
Me and my friends usually hang around although we don’t have a specific spot, we also like taking shots of apple juice for no apparent reason
Then I’ll usually calm down my day by the beach to think and gather myself before I do my work
By evening I’m usually doing my homework as well as personal career work on my laptop by a Oceanview
After I finish my computer work, I’ll usually relax by listening to music, watching tv, playing video games or eat something for dinner. p.s. I usually only eat one time a day, I’m doing a different type diet

If you got this far thank you for listening to my story and I appreciate your attendance, Hope you have as wonderful of a day I’m usually having !

if not me than who ?